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Summer Boat trips- 2019

Thursday 27th June



Friday 26th July

Grateful thanks to the Yorkshire Building Society for  funding this outing


Thursday 22nd August

Grateful thanks to Cala Homes for  funding this outing

  Thursday 26th September
SBS sessions

SBS is holding sessions on financial wellbeing for people with life affecting illnesses, their families and their carers in Cambridge and Watford. These sessions will cover a range of financial wellbeing subjects and are specifically tailored to the requirements of people with life affecting illnesses.

The dates for the Help Sessions are as follows:

CAMBRIDGE: 18th September & 18th December 2019 - 3pm: The Earl of Derby Hotel, 129 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1PG



King of the Belgians Acorn is enormously grateful to the King of the Belgians Hartford for an amazing donation of £2000 which was presented to Simon on 12 August. The funds arose from a beer festival held in May.  The tradition of fund raising for local charities through a beer festival was first proposed by a US ex-serviceman who was a regular  at the pub during a UK tour of duty.
The Poacher Elsworth

Grateful thanks are due to David Taylor, mine host at the Poacher Elsworth who held another Quiz and Bingo Night on Saturday 27th July sponsoring Acorn. The total raised from the event was £210 and this with the proceeds from an Acorn collection box produced another £77.25. The overall sum of £287 will be increased by an element of GiftAid in due course, which will finish up being well over £300
This was the fifth such event that The Poacher has held for Acorn since their sponsorship started in July 2017. The overall sum raised has now exceeded £2000.

Benevity Acorn is now registered with www.benevity.org which is a portal allowing companies and their employees to make charitable donations. The platform also allows for specific charity projects to be highlighted. We have included one on our portal entry - this is the 2019 Christmas members lunch with a fund-raising target of £1600. We are very grateful to Shirley's daughter , Angie, for recommending to he ARM colleagues that Acorn is worthy of their support via benevity.org 
Cala Homes We are pleased to announce that following a bid, Cala Homes have  awarded Acorn a bursary of £500 which is being used to fund the August boat trip. Many thanks to their Trustees for responding to our request.
Ramsey Million Partnership Following a successful bid, Ramsey Million Partnership have awarded the Ramsey Branch of Acorn a grant of £1740 towards its support and social activities in FY 2019/20.  We are most grateful to them for their decision to help in this wonderful way, and we look forward to demonstrating through our work that Acorn will make Ramsey a better place to live.
Partnership with Mountain Warehouse

We are delighted to say that the Mountain Warehouse store which opened in St Ives in Nov 18 selected Acorn as their local charity to support to the end of July 19. This followed the national policy of the store chain which allows for each of their 200 stores to choose their own local charity.This is wonderful news as it represents a step-change in Acorn’s ability to promote within the local community. There are  each-way links between our website and that of the St Ives Mountain Warehouse store.  Acorn will also benefit financially. This link goes to the store and shows how Acorn is already benefitting from all the profits of the sale of  a collection of 5 printed canvas bags available to purchase in the store at £1.99.  At the end of July the amount raised was £234. This link explains the Mountain Warehouse national policy for local charity support.


Evaluation Report

We carry out regular evaluation of the support we provide to members.  Follow this link to see a very brief summary of the recent evaluation. We hope that these results will encourage new members to join us.

Administrative help needed

Our Committee for the year ending July 2019 was elected at the recent AGM  but two vacancies are still unfilled.  We urgently require help from anyone with admnistrative skills to take on some organisational/secretarial support. List of Committee elected available via  Contact us link

Huntingdon Community Radio (HCR104fm) Broadcast

 Gordon and Simon took part in a HCR "Over to You" Programme on 16 July and gave an update on Acorn

To listen to programme click here

NB This is a large file and will take 2-3 mins to download. Please be patient


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