Film Club
The Film Club is held at the Field Lodge Hotel, London Rd, St Ives , starting with light lunch at 1.30pm and film show at 2pm. Contact Gordon if interested – only 14 places available.

Film club begins with lunch at 1.30pm. The expectation is that our members will not normally arrive for the event before 1.15pm. 

Here are the movies planned for the Film Club.

Brief Summary

Their Finest (2016)



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During the London Blitz, Catrin Cole is recruited by the British Ministry of Information to write scripts for propaganda films that the public will actually watch without scoffing. Cole investigates the story of two young women who supposedly piloted a boat in the Dunkirk Evacuation. Although it proved a misapprehension, the story becomes the basis for a fictional film with possible appeal. As Cole labours to write the script with her new colleagues such as Tom Buckley, veteran actor Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy) must accept that his days as a leading man are over as he joins the project. Together, this disparate trio must struggle against such complications such as sexism against Cole, jealous relatives, and political interference in their artistic decisions even as London endures the bombs of the enemy. In the face of those challenges, they share a hope to contribute something meaningful in this time of war and in their own lives.

Proof of Life (2000)



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Americans Alice and Peter Bowman have traveled from third world country to third world country working on humanitarian projects. They are currently in Tecala, a country in the Andes, as Peter, an engineer, has been hired by QUAD Carbon, an oil company - the moral "enemy" - to lead a project to construct a dam to prevent what is the constant flooding in the country. Alice and Peter learn that QUAD Carbon cares nothing about the dam, which is a smoke-screen to get an oil pipeline approved. Despite loving each other, they have had problems in the marriage of late because of needing to deal with the aftermath of Alice's recent miscarriage. On his way to work one day, Peter, along with a group of others, are random kidnap victims of left wing guerrillas.. enter Russell Crowe (of Gladiator fame) as a hostage negotiator..