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Important Notice for Members

Following Government guidelines on social distancing, Acorn support meetings are currently restricted, and outings are suspended.  Meetings are only taking place where guidelines allowing us to operate practically and safely within any current rules can be followed. In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep the Acorn family together, and engaged, using on-line technology as far as possible:

  • To anything you are doing to keep in touch with Acorn friends, volunteers have come forward to ring around regularly to a group of members and check on well-being.
  • You might like to make use of the Acorn Coffee Club on Facebook, which was set up for exactly the purpose of keeping in touch in-between our support meetings.  If you would like access to this Facebook private group let your Acorn “buddy” know, or email. You will then receive an invitation to join the group and a link to the private chat area.

We are now providing videos of seated-exercise both on the website and YouTube. 

  • Seated exercise sessions with Becky are accessible via the Therapy tab above. Sessions on YouTube can be accessed directly through a smart TV with the search parameter “acorn cancer support group” or played onto a laptop via a link on our main Facebook page
  • Creative visualisation session, a relaxation recording with Gill, is also available through the website Therapy tab

Do try these and let us have some feedback. Use the email link above if you wish.

To anyone newly affected by cancer

We are conscious of the uncertainty, worry and loneliness you may be feeling.  With that in mind we would like to offer you the chance to speak to someone who knows what you are going through – and who could be a “buddy” as you cope with the new issues you face.  They will also be able to keep you informed on when we will be in a position to start our free support meetings and free social outings again.

If you would like to take up this offer, then either call Julia on 07739 934524 or email using the tab above

Please indicate how you would like contact to be made. This could be by phone initially but then move to Skype, or Facetime if that works for you. If either of the latter two was something you might like to use at some point, then please tell us and we would then match you to one of our members who has the same facility.

Alternatively, Macmillan provide a buddy service at or on 0808 808 00 00.

There is a difference between what we offer via our website currently and this new Macmillan buddy service. The latter is for anyone who is actually worried about their cancer itself, e.g. some new symptoms perhaps. The Acorn system is for anyone who is lonely or feels very isolated because of lockdown.

In the meantime, do try our seated exercise and relaxation sessions described in the section above, and let us know what you think.

Best wishes to you all, and keep well,

Gordon Dyer MBE, Secretary, The Acorn Cancer Support Group


Further Information:

Symptoms of COVID-19 which is a respiratory infection are as follows:



And in severe cases a SHORTNESS OF BREATH

Should anyone be experiencing these symptoms, current best action is to remain at home, and only contact the NHS Service by dialing 111 if symptoms are serious – Do NOT venture out to the Doctors surgery or Hospital Accident and Emergency Departments.

Anyone who may have come into contact with people who have recently returned from China, Northern Italy and other virus hotspots as they develop, are advised to self- isolate and take best advice as above.

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